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Christian Rainville: Being Rebels in the Face of Evil

July 5, 2016

“So if you’re serious about living this new resurrection life with Christ, act like it.” Colossians 3:1 MSG


Christian Rainville, guest speaker for Embrk’s upcoming Refuel: Rebel Conference, quoted this verse as a preview of his message for the event this Friday, July 8. “I just think that we’re in a time right now where we can’t hold back,” he said, explaining that the “Rebel” theme is one that resonates strongly with him. “We can’t be wimpy about Christianity. I love that theme, and I can’t wait to share what I’m about to share.”

Born and raised in the church, Christian Rainville experienced what he called a “typical Christian childhood.” At 10 years old, he started playing the drums, and he shaped his life around the talent and passion for music which developed from that. He played for his church worship team throughout high school, but his ultimate plan included moving to Nashville and studying music performance and music business at Belmont University.

But God had a different plan. It all started when revival hit his church at The Tabernacle in Orchard Park, NY.

“I played drums, and I felt God’s sovereign hand on those meetings,” he explained. “There was something stirring in me, I didn’t know quite what it was.”

During a Sunday evening meeting, Christian was playing the drums, and Pastor Dennis Shearer asked him to lead a song. Christian explained that, though he had always loved singing, he had never done it in a leadership role. “It was that moment,” he said, explaining that he sang “We Will Ride” from the Brownsville Revival. “[The song] ended up being the theme of the entire revival.”

“Man, we rode that song until we had sore sandals, let me tell you,” Christian chuckled as he conveyed the memory. “It was an uncomfortable thing for me, and I’m sure you know that anytime God calls you out of a comfort zone, it’s for a purpose. It’s not meant to be comfortable for you. It’s meant to only serve Him. It’s only meant to glorify Him.”

Christian Rainville 02

“I just think that we’re in a time right now where we can’t hold back,”


Christian, now the worship director at The Tabernacle under Bishop Robert Sterns, has been a part of two albums— a live album “Release the Sound” and his solo album “Splendor” — and is currently working on an EP. He has two little boys with his wife of 6 years, Mandey, and he works as a high school anatomy and biology teacher.

“When people ask me what I do now, I say I’m a minister who happens to be a high school teacher,” he said, explaining that he often pushes the limits of the public school system by ministering to his students. “I’m able to be bold with these kids and kind of get in their face, because they don’t get that,” he explained. “I’m there in the trenches in high school, and it is a battlefield.”

That is the very theme which Christian hopes to share through his message at Abundant Life Worship Center in Whippany, NJ, on Friday. He explained that he plans to play an original song called “Battlecry,” which is his favorite from his first solo album. “It’s a warfare song,” he explained. “It’s definitely [about] rising up and being rebels in the face of evil.”

“It’s gonna be a challenging message,” he said, expressing his excitement for what he’s planning to share. “I really hope that it ignites some hearts.”

Join Embrk and young adults from all over the northeast THIS FRIDAY, July 8 at 7 pm at Abundant Life Worship Center in Whippany, NJ, for our Refuel: Rebel conference with Christian Rainville and David Corn.


You can check out Christian’s latest album, “It’s Time” available on Itunes & Spotify today!