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True Beauty

Rolling Out Of Bed Beautiful

March 10, 2015

When is the last time you woke up and said I look beautiful? Probably not recently, or EVER for that matter. This may not be realistic to think positive about yourself right after rolling out of bed, but what about after you are dressed and ready for your day? Do you ever really think constructively about who you are, and how you were created?

Psalm 139, is one of my favorite, if not favorite chapter in the bible. Verse 4 says, “I praise you, because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way!” Our thinking in this area of our lives is skewed and many times contrary to the actual truth! We stand in front of the mirror, staring and picking out our flaws and thinking about the “flawless” girl that we just saw on the coupon for our favorite store, on that billboard we passed on the way to school or work or even that just walked past us in the coffee shop. We let our culture dictate how we should look and feel, which causes us to compare ourselves to those who we feel meet perfection. But in fact, God says the opposite! When we compare ourselves or dwell on what we think are shortcomings, we are saying God did a poor job in creating us. We are actually saying we could do a better job than THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE—the One who perfectly placed earth in relation to the sun to give life!

An underlying theme in our culture and taught in schools across the nation as truth is evolution. This is not a lesson on evolution vs. creation, however think about how each will motivate you to live your life. If you allow the theory of evolution to creep into your thought patterns, you will have little to no motivation to live with confidence and purpose. On the contrary, believing that God created each person individually, with specific fingerprints and a destiny will encourage and motivate you to love who God CREATED you to be.

God sees you as perfect not your imperfections. In fact, He loves your imperfections, because they help you to realize a need for a PERFECT God!

He loves you, regardless of what you have said, done, or even thought. Verses 17-18 of that same chapter says, “God, your thoughts are precious to me. They are so many! If I could count them, they would be more than ALL the grains of sand.” Imagine trying to count every little grain of sand in the entire world! It is unfathomable, just as God’s unconditional love is. God has knit you together perfectly in every way! That means that imperfection, whether it be physical, emotional or otherwise, is really not an imperfection at all! It is a unique aspect to you that no one else has, given to you by your Creator!

Changing your thinking, will give you freedom in your mind and release a new JOY into your life! You are truly, wonderfully made!