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The Truth About Sex

March 19, 2015

Well, now that I’ve got your attention via the title, let’s talk about a misconception and myth about sex. It’s 2015 – as a young adult today, it’s harder than ever before in the history of mankind to CHOOSE to and STAY sexually pure. The innuendos, temptations and pressures rage out of control every day like a bonfire full of dried out wood. between what we wear, the conversations we choose to participate in, and the media outlets we choose to watch, it’s flat out tough to live pure.

…it’s harder than ever before in the history of mankind to CHOOSE to and STAY sexually pure.

A big misconception of young Christians is the idea that it’s supposed to be easy to say “no” to sex. They believe that the church really believes and expects the youth to make this incredibly simple decision to abstain from immorality and sex before marriage. Let me tell you, on the other side of being a teenager and young adult, now as a married adult with two beautiful daughters (they are not adopted), my observation is that it’s anything but easy. It’s a constant discipline, and a struggle at times; but hey, being a Christian in itself is often a struggle. Just ask Paul, or Peter, or any Christian living in the Middle east right now. So that’s MYTH #1. That you should be a young pure christian and it should come as easy as breathing and sleeping. FALSE! Like I said, it’s all about discipline. A growth process that will probably never become “easy” but will become easier as your draw closer to God.

1 Corinthians 10:13 NCV says:

“The only temptation that has come to you is that which everyone has. But you can trust God, who WILL NOT PERMIT you to be tempted more than you can stand, but when you are tempted, HE WILL PROVIDE a way to escape so that you will be able to withstand it.

There’s an old film from the 60’s called “The Great Escape”. It’s Steve Mcqueen at his finest (If your saying “who’s Steve Mcqueen”? He was like an old school Liam Neeson, Stallone, Robert Downey Jr. and Johnny Depp all rolled into one – but better). It’s a story about a large concentration camp full of british and american POW’s in WW2 that build an underground tunnel in their attempt to escape. There were only a few “tunnel kings”, the guys who actually built the tunnel, but the intent was to use the tunnel and take out 250+ soldiers to escape. The tunnel kings, all they could do was provide the route; It was up to the individual soldiers to work up the courage and ultimately make the decision to crawl out to freedom. God is well aware of the internet, Instagram, and and those channels that you should probably have on blackout (“oh, i’ll just skip over those” – that never works). He is well aware that being a young Christian in 2015 can be a struggle with acceptance, choices, and with sex – and that’s the truth, but bring it back around to 1 Cor. 10, He WILL provide a way out, but you actually have to execute the escape. It’s a fact and ultimately up to you to make make the wise CHOICES.

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