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Twenty – Eighteen

January 19, 2018

180 – 24/7

Real change. Every day. That’s what this year is about for us.

Too often change is a product of emotion. While it comes from a moment of true surrender and brokenness before God, the intended transformation disappears along with the moment.

Outside of that emotional moment, we snap right back from the 180 turn and quickly arrive right back at 0.

Somewhere between the feeling and the execution, the change is lost.

That’s because real change is not achieved in a moment. It comes through a million little moments compiled together to create a lifestyle. In short, your daily decisions determine your destiny.

This year, we want change that lasts. We want change that is achieved through process, not simply emotion. We want change that we must work for each and every day. Above all, we want change that catapults us into our destiny in Christ.

Embrk Young Adults is hosting 4 progressive Refuel nights in 2018 centered around this theme. Check out more info here.

February 16 – May 25 – August 12 – October 26

180 – 24/7 is the goal. Let’s go after it together.


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