What We’re Listening To

September 25, 2017


Looking for some more diverse Christian music to add to your playlist?

Embrk’s resident worship leader, music major, and songwriter Robert Witherby compiled a list of new and little-known songs in a variety of genres for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Indie Worship

Sisterbrother portrays their interesting and unique take on worship music with this song: “We Are Redeemed.” It’s a really cool combination of genres that I’ve never heard before.

2. Heavy (Metal-ish) Worship

Speaking of mixing genres, My Epic is another great example. In this song, “Hail,” My Epic displays honesty in a really simple and poetic way, while maintaining the band’s heavy sound and adding a worshipful touch.

3. New Worship Music

Anthony LaBruno is a local music teacher and the worship pastor at ALWC Springfield. This homegrown artist just released a new single, which is a great reminder that God is “Still God” no matter what’s happening in our lives.

4. Acoustic

This song is about the process of handing control over to God, and making him the “Captain” of our lives. The Northern uses really meaningful melodies to convey this relatable message.

5. Alternative

Growing up with Relient K, they’ve always been at the forefront of the Christian music scene. But this album reveals a new style and showcases a different perspective than we’ve heard from them before.


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