The Word in Action


July 9, 2015

Be aware of those fears that stalk in the dead of night. Be on guard against those thoughts that cause anxiety and demand action at the same time. Fear is the exact opposite of love and it is what the enemy uses to get God’s people off track. It is at that time that we must seek the Lord and inquire Him about what to do so that we can operate as He would like us to. Seeking the heart of God is key because even if those things which we fear come upon us, He is able to lead us in a victorious procession over those fears. Seeing our greatest fears fulfilled is not the end of our journey. Just read the story of Job. He experienced the greatest fears of his life becoming reality and he saw with his eyes those things that he feared in his heart (Job 3:25).

But the story doesn’t end there. All of heaven was watching to see how Job would respond to this realization of fear. God, the devil, and the angels were all waiting to see how the servant of God would respond. If you don’t know the end of the story, I’ll give it to you. Job gets everything restored to him, and he sees the faithfulness of God. Job saw God’s faithfulness completed toward him while he still lived so that he could be showcased throughout all generations.

Most people are well aware of all the dangers of life in this fast paced, high stress world we live in. From threats of violence to impending financial troubles, the fears are everywhere. But if I could just submit one thought into the consciousness of the reader it would be this: if all of those fears are realized, how would you respond?

We have the ability to stare fear in the face and speak the powerful name of Jesus to overcome every obstacle that would try to keep us from discovering God’s will. God has a plan, especially in the midst of crisis, and if we’re willing, we can know that will and do His will in the midst of great trouble. At the end of this Christian journey, I think everyone of us will be able to see the faithfulness of God just like Job did, and we’ll all have everything God has ever desired for us when we finally dwell in His presence forever.

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