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How To Be Led By The Spirit (A Beginner’s Guide)

March 14, 2015

Have you ever heard the phrase “Being led by the Spirit”? Or maybe you’ve heard people say that they’re being led by the Spirit. Do you ever wonder what that means or how that works out in a practical way? Well this is the beginner’s guide to being led by the Spirit.

There’s a lot of theologians out there that can give a 14 day dissertation on the Scriptural principles and proper hermenutical interpretation of the Bible when it comes to this subject, but this is not that. The aim and intent of this is to just get those who want to be led by the Spirit started somewhere on the path as soon as they finish reading this.

So let’s start at the beginning

What is the Spirit and why should we be led by Him? The Spirit that we’re referring to is the literal Spirit of Jesus. On the day of Pentecost in Acts 2, the 120 believers in the upper room were filled with the literal Spirit of God. Now that doesn’t mean that they lose control of their minds or bodies or anything like that, but what it does mean is that they accepted the fullness of God’s ability to dwell in their bodies. So when we reference the Spirit let’s all be on the same page. This Spirit is not some emotional force that has no reason, this is the heart of Jesus that we’re talking about.

That being said,

let’s head over to John 6:63 where Jesus said:

“The Spirit is The Life Giver; the body does not benefit anything. The words that I speak with you are spirit and life.”

Here’s the one big key that I want to get over in this message: you can start being led by the Spirit today through reading God’s Word. Jesus Himself said that the very words He spoke are Spirit and Life. If that’s true (and I believe it is) and you take those same words that are Spirit and life, and allow yourself to be led by them, you’re already being led by the Spirit! When a believer says no to anything that is contrary to the Word of God, they are being led by the Spirit of God. When a believer says yes to something that is approved of in the Word of God they are also being led by the Spirit of God. Once you develop basic obedience to the written Word (which is in essence the Spirit of God) you will then become familiar with the voice of God. Once you become familiar with God’s voice through His word you are able to distinguish what His will is even when the decision isn’t as simple as choosing between something evil and righteous.

Here’s the bottom line:

When you start reading the Word of God (Which is Spirit and Life according to Jesus) and obeying that same Word (or Spirit), you become more acquainted with the voice of God which then enables you to be more sensitive to God’s direction thus making you ready to be led by the Spirit in every situation.

Start with the basics and work your way up. This Christian walk is a long journey, not a sprint. Start small and you’ll grow tall if you just keep at it day after day.

What You Should Start Doing Today:

Start reading the Word and whenever you come across a place that you know you’re not living in total obedience to stop and consider what God might have you do to fix that. Start to execute the Word in your life today so that you can become a mature son or daughter of God that is always led by the Spirit of God.

Grace and Peace to you!

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