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Is The Heart Of America Really Racist?

March 18, 2015

If we’ve heard the word racist or some form of it associated with America once, we’ve heard it hundreds of times over the past few months. It seems that some in this country would like to stoke the flames of an issue that has already caused much pain in decades gone by and that still does have a sting in our culture today. I’m not sure what the role of other organizations is in all of this name calling and finger pointing, but I know that God has called the church to be the peacemakers. God has called His body to be the healing salve to those deep hurts caused by many painful circumstances.

I can’t vouch for other churches

or speak on their behalf, but this much I know for certain: I go to a church that represents over 50 nations from around the world every Sunday. Yup. 50 nations. I mean I’m a red, white, and blue American and I probably can’t name all 50 states let alone the 50+ countries that these people are from. We worship together, we listen to the Word together and we all have that common meeting place in Jesus. So while the media is saying that racists are the new bogeymen that tend to hide in the body of every heterosexual white male, (yes they have singled this particular demographic out) I just can’t go along with that narrative because this video shows the heart that I see reflected in every Sunday service:

God has used some strong men in my life from all different backgrounds to help me become the believer I am today. These people were Puerto Rican, El Salvadorian, Ecuadorian, Italians, Japanese, Cherokee, Apache, African, Hatian, Jamacian, Korean, Dominican, Guatemalan, Mexican, Costa Rican, Indian, Israeli, Lebanese, New Yorkers, New Jersey boys, and people from many different states across this nation. God has used them all in my life, and they have all graciously accepted me into their lives without either party ever giving a second thought to race. And if you think that all those people had the same skin color you are sadly mistaken.

So can I in the honesty of my heart, say that America is a racist nation?

I can’t. I can’t because only in America could I have experienced the life that I have lived. Only America has been able bring together all nations under one banner. And we haven’t done it on our own strength or ingenuity. We accomplished this feat because we are and always have been “one nation under God.” That same God that the founders of this nation worshipped is that same God that is the glue of our country. He is the only common thread for all those different nationalities that I mentioned before. Only Jesus could bring understanding between different cultures, languages and experiences. He is the one who neutralizes all the racist tendencies in the heart of man so that we can enjoy the unique differences of other cultures instead of alienating people because of them.

Short of the long:

America is not made up of those people that the media puts out there as examples. The media cherry picks stories to validate the narrative they want to create. I believe that the majority of America is made up of people like you and me that are sick of racism and tired of injustice. There is a hope for this country but it’s not in the media or government solutions: the change starts with you and with me. We must accept personal responsibility for our areas of influence. We must speak out against the injustices that we see everyday. We must show that we care about those who have different culture, skin color and language. When we change our individual pieces of this country we will see that the world isn’t as ugly as the media wants you to think it is. But that’s only because you made it better than it was.

For us it starts under the banner of God, and there’s enough room under it for everyone to join in.

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Grace and peace!

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